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Hello Friend’s
I am Zaheer and I belong city Bela, Balochistan. and I love to work on Photoshop.
I started work on Photoshop first time in 2013 not so professionally it’s just like play for me at that time I did not know any thing about Photoshop and I could not have good institution in my city but learn through online. now it becomes part of my life and also you can say that it’s a part of my work and today I give my imagination as an artwork I love to do design and making scene and making some epic think.
Photoshop this my favorite software for photo editing when I started work on Photoshop I edit only my customer photos in my printing shop. After some time or few years, I learn more about photo editing and I decided to give tutorial online.
So here you can see today I work on Photoshop to create artwork and photo editing video tutorials and you can learn Graphic Designing, Photo Composition, Manipulation, Photo Editing, Retouching, Photo Restoration and many more Photoshop tips and tricks.
If you have any question or need any help related to Photoshop Contact us without hesitation by following below contact information.
Thank You

Website: www.alqadeerstudio.com
Email Address: [email protected]
Whatsapp No: (+92) 301 2610947

Mobile No: (+92) 336 1219662

Zaheer Ahmed,
Al Qadeer Photo Shop Bela, Near Jamia Masjid Sulemania City Bela (90050), District Lasbela, Balochistan (Pakistan)