In this video tutorial you will learn how to manipulate photo in Photoshop

You will also learn from this video:
-How to add moon lights
-How to adjust object on grass
-How to highlight or dark

Step by Step

1-Open Photoshop and create one new document 1280x720px.
2-Place background image and adjust it to canvas. Duplicate the layer change to bottom layer blend mode from normal to multiply, add layer mask on upper layer take gradient tool set foreground black and background transparent and drag it from up to center. Select bottom layer press Ctrl+T, right click and then click on Warp and drag it up from center.
3-Place cow image and rasterize the layer. Select eraser tool and erase the unwanted elements. Add layer mask take grass brush tool and brush it on foot for grassing.
4-Create one new brightness/contrast adjustment layer below the cow layer. increase the brightness and invert the mask by pressing Ctrl+I. Take soft brush tool and paint once or twine now press Ctrl+T and resize according to light.
5-Create one new blank layer below the cow layer and change the blend mode from normal to soft light, take soft brush tool and create cow shadow.
6-Create one new blank layer take soft brush tool set foreground color white and paint once. Change the bend mode from normal to soft light and then press Ctrl+T and resize, adjust it for moon light.
7-Create one new gradient map adjustment layer set color black and white change the blend mode from normal to overlay and decrease the opacity.



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