Create highly realistic lipstick using a Secret Combination of Blend Modes and different shapes of color in Adobe Photoshop.

1-Open your Image in Photoshop
2-Create one new solid red color adjustment layer change the blend mode from normal to multiply and invert it by pressing Ctrl+I.
3-Take soft brush tool set foreground color white and background color black make the brush size smaller and paint it on lips. When you finish painting then double click on layer or right click on layer and click on blending options.
4-Move the Underlying Layer’s white angle to darken area press alt key and click on angle to split the angle and play with angles where it looks good.
5-Duplicate the solid color layer and change the blend mode from multiply to screen.
6-Double click on layer or right click then click on blending options, move the white angle of underlying layer’s to default (255). Now press alt key and click on black angle of underlying layer to split and then play with these angles where it looks good according to your choice.

Video Tutorial

Image: Download

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