In this post, I am sharing a pdf converter, download free PdfFactory.

PdfFactory Free Download
There are numerous applications to read PDF documents, however what about making them? PdfFactory makes it easier than you might suspect. pdfFactory is a tool for creating or converting into PDF documents. It enables you to create a PDF document in a few clicks. It also gives you the feature to combine multiple files from multiple sources into one PDF. The software includes the capacity to see your change and enables you to encrypt the PDF documents too.
PdfFactory installs a virtual printer on your computer which you can access from any printing-fit application on Windows. Each time you send any document to this printer, you’ll convert it to PDF.

Download PdfFactory Free
You can convert any document like (MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, InPage, etc) into one PDF document. Simply click on print and select the PdfFactory and save it as PDF file.

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