In this tutorial I am going to create a fantasy photo manipulation/composition, The Sky city Photo Manipulation Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop CC.

Step by Step:

1-First of All you need download Images. Link given in below.
2-Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document (1280×720).
3-Create a new adjustment layer of a solid color (#3c3c3c)
1- Place your first image for background by clicking on file and place embedded and fit it to document and hit enter.
2- Duplicate the background image by pressing Ctrl+J, click on below layer of your duplicate background image and Change blending mode from normal to multiply.
3- Now select your duplicate layer and add layer mask from the bottom of layer panel.
Now select Gradient tool (Shortcut Key-G) Make sure your foreground color is Black and background color is white. then Drag it from top and leave it on center of your image, it will make sky dark. similarly add gradient from right and corner to create lighting effect.
4- You can also use soft brush.
1- Place city and adjust it on document. then Click right button from your mouse and click on Flip Vertical.
2- Repeat same steps of Step-2’s point no 2-3.


Balance the color of city and background by Color Balance (Ctrl+B) and Hue/Saturation (Ctrl+U).
1-Place Children Image. Get pen tool (Shortcut Key-P) and select model start to end. right click on it and click on Make Selection then add layer mask. it will hide background.
2- Press Ctrl+T and right click on it then click on flip Horizontal and adjust it on background.
3- Right click from your mouse on children layer’s layer mask and click on apply layer.
4-Duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+J and add layer mask to top layer. (Bottom Layer for Shadows)
5-select grassing brush and brush it on foot of children to make some realistic.
6-Select bottom layer of model and Press Ctrl+U and move the Lightness angle to -100 then click OK or Enter.
7- Press Ctrl+T and move corners to adjust shadow by holding Ctrl key.
8-Decrease the opacity to 40-50% and blur it by going to Filter > Blur > Guassion Blur.
9-Create a new layer to the top of shadows layer. and get soft brush, then brush it on foot of the model to make some darken.
10- Select the bottom shadow layer, add layer mask to it and take Gradient tool then drag it from shadows head to center of shadow.
11- Select Model layer Press Ctrl+B and match color.
12- Add a new adjustment layer of Brightness/Contrast and move brightness angle to -30, move contrast angel to 36. then click on mask and press Ctrl+I.
13- Take soft brush tool, decrease the opacity of brush, and brush it for shadows.
Add some Lights, and color adjustment layer for bottom of layer panel.
1-Add brightness/contrast layer.
2.Add Photo Filter
3.Add Vibrance
4. Create a new layer on the top of all layers then press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E then go to filter and click on Camera Raw.
Play with above points to create some lights, and colors.

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