Cinematic Color Grading | How to Change Background | Photoshop Tutorial

Cinematic Color Grading | How to Change Background | Photoshop Tutorial

In this video tutorial I am going to show how to add cinematic color effect on your photo and how to change background and also you will learn how to blur background in Adobe Photoshop.
You will also learn from this video:
–How to color grading
–How to blur background
–How to add lights
–How to match subject with background
–How to create shadow
–How to highlight and dark model according to light

Step by Step

1-Open Photoshop and create a new document (1280x720px)
2-Place your background image and adjust it. Right click on placed background layer and click on Rasterize Layer. Press Ctrl+U and move the Saturation angle to -100 and then click OK.
3-Duplicate layer and go to filter>blur>guassian blur and change the value according to your choice. Now click on layer mask from bottom of the layer panel, take gradient tool set foreground color black and background color is transparent and then drag it from bottom to center and from side, to hide blurred layer. You can also use brush tool.
4-Create a new blank layer take soft brush tool and set foreground color white and decrease the opacity to 5-10% and brush it for lights.
5-Place model image take any of your choice selection tool and make selection of model and then click on add layer mask right click on layer click on rasterize layer and right click on layer mask click on apply layer mask and then adjust it on background. Now go to Image>Adjustment>Brightness/Contrast decrease the brightness and increase the saturation according to your choice where it looks good.
6-Take dodge tool and brighten the edges according to where from lights is coming.
7-Press Ctrl+U and decrease the saturation angle a little.
8-Create a new blank layer bottom of the model for shadow, take soft brush decrease the opacity of brush and create shadow.
9-Create one new brightness/contrast adjustment layer, decrease the brightness and then invert the mask by pressing Ctrl+I. Take soft brush decrease the opacity of brush at 15-20% set the foreground color white and background color black and brush it to dark some area for light shadow.
10-Create one new Color Lookup adjustment layer, change the 3D Lut file to HorrorBlue and then decrease the opacity.
11-Create one new gradient map layer set the color black and white change the blend mode from normal to overlay and then decrease the opacity.

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