In this video tutorial I am going to show how to create 3D Mobile Effect in Photoshop.

Step by Step

1-Open your mobile background image in Photoshop.
2-Take any of selection tool of your choice and make selection of mobile screen and duplicate the selection by pressing Ctrl+J.
3-Now place the background image and adjust it and then right click on layer then click on clipping mask.
4-Place train track image decrease the opacity to see background image. Press Ctrl+T and resize it prospectively. Make selection of mobile screen by pressing Ctrl key and then click on Mobile Screen layer’s thumbnail. Now take Polygonal Lasso Tool and click on ‘Add to Selection’ from the property bar and make selection of train track only. After making selection then click on the layer mask from the bottom side of layers tab. Now erase all other parts except the train track.
5-Add a new color balance layer and match the color with background.
6-Place boy image, make selection of model with any of your choice selection tool. After making selection duplicate it or add layer mask to it. Press Ctrl+T to resize it and match with the background.
7-Create a new layer for shadow at the bottom of model. Take soft brush tool and brush it to create shadow.
8-Add a new color balance layer from the bottom of the layer tab and match the color with the background.
9-Place birds image and adjust it according to your choice.
10-Create a new blank layer, take soft brush tool for yellowish shine. and brush it once. Now press Ctrl+T and adjust it at top of the image, Change the blending mode from normal to Linear Dodge and then decrease the opacity of to 25-35%.


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