In this Video tutorial you will learn How to Repair Damaged Photo, Removing Scratches, Replace Cloth, Colorizing and retouching in Adobe Photoshop.
How to Repair Damaged Photo | Old Photo Restoration in Photoshop | Al Qadeer Studio

Step By Step
1-Open your damaged photo in Photoshop.

2-Take crop tool and crop the image’s important part.

3-Now we have to remove background. First we have to unlock the layer by double clicking on layer. Now take pen tool and make selection of the object, when you reach the starting point of the pen tool selection then right click and click on make selection, Now press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selected area.

4-Now add solid color between the original layer and duplicated layer.


5-Select the duplicated layer and take Clone stamp tool. Press Alt and choose similarly place for scratches. when you select a place then left Alt key and simply click on scratch. It will replace the scratches with place of you taken a sample by pressing Alt. Similarly do on face, cape, nose, ear.

Somewhere it is not possible to find details of image’s to remove scratches. You can see this image’s left side beard, bottom side beard, neck and clothes. We use here a techniques to repair it.

Now we want to repair left side beard. you can see we can’t find the details or not possible to take sample for cloning. Here the right side beard is clear so we have to copy the right side beard to replace left side beard.

6-Take Lasso tool and make selection of right side beard than press Ctrl+J (to duplicate) Press Ctrl+T right click on it and then click on flip horizontal and bring it to left beard side. Now decrease the opacity of layer to see details of original image, again press Ctrl+T and then rotate it or resize it and warp it according to the original image. When you adjust it then increase the opacity of layer. Now add Layer mask and take soft brush tool and then brush on the edges of the layer. now press Ctrl+E to merge with the bottom layer. Now you can see mostly scratches are replaced.

Now repair the bottom side of beard. Here is we cannot find any similarly place to select and copy and replace the bottom side of beard. We have to find any other matching beard image for our image.

7-Place other’s image and make selection of bottom beard and press Ctrl+J to duplicate the selected area. Make it black and white by pressing Ctrl+U drag the Saturation angle to -100. Take soft eraser tool and erase the edges. add blur a little bit(Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur)  to match background beard. Similarly do same steps for neck and cloth replacing.


8- Create a solid color layer for colorizing the image (#f79843) and change the blend mode from ‘Normal’ to ‘Color’ and then invert the layer mask (Ctrl+I)

9-Take soft brush tool decrease the opacity 15-20% and brush it on face where you want to colorize the image. after adding color.

10-Create a new blank layer and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E it will merge all layers in one new layer. duplicate the all merged layer and change the blend mode from normal to overlay. Now to Fiter>Other>High Pass it according to your choice, and then merge these two layers by pressing Ctrl+E.

11- Create one new blank layer. Take soft brush tool, take sample color by pressing Alt key and brush it on where it is not colorized.


0:26 -First Step CROPPING 0:52 -Removing Background 2:03 -Removing Scratches 4:56 -Repairing Left Beard 9:14 -Repairing Bottom Beard 11:46 -Repairing Neck 13:55 -Replacing Cloth 15:48 -Coloring 17:14 -Retouching


Ctrl+T – Transform
Ctrl+J – Duplicate Layer
Ctrl+Alt+Z -Undo
Ctrl+D – Deselect
Ctrl – Select Multiple Layers
Space – Move Image each around
Alt – On brush tool to select sample of color
Alt – On Clone Stamp Tool to take sample of place
Alt+Mouse Wheel – Zoom in, Zoom Out
Ctrl+E – Merge Selected Layers
Ctrl+U – Open Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Shit+Alt+E – Merge All Layers into one new layer

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